Our work.

We know that around the world, different colours and images have different meaning and impact. Therefore, Cadbury tasked us to find out how they could move Cadbury Dairy Milk’s brand personality into a new territory that would work across the globe, while ensuring this global consistency did not come at the detriment of local nuances.

Combining approaches in a multi-faceted research approach and speaking to people in key global markets meant we could advise on the best design to deliver the desired personality change, retain a consistent core theme and allow for local range variation –without negatively impacting the emotional bond, thereby keeping the brand love!

Zoe Aitken, Global Insights Manager
Everyone was really happy with the outcome. Having one supplier conduct both stages of research was invaluable and the qual and quant teams worked very well together to paint a complete picture. Both teams were involved in the learnings at every stage of the research and it added a huge amount of value to the overall process. We would definitely do this again.