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Consumer Choice
Measuring Emotion
Supporting the development of a healthy kids cereal for Jordans.

Using insight to optimise a new cereal product in the Jordans portfolio.

Getting to grips with what matters with Vonage.

Helping Vonage to keep people at the centre of its strategy and drive profitable growth as it refocused from consumer to B2B.

National Trust: Getting to the heart of the places that make us.

Blending traditional research with neuroscience to determine why places mean so much to people.

Testing a VELUX TV ad using Neuroqual.

Understanding deep emotional reactions to VELUX’s Solutions for the Indoor Generation TV ad – and the reasons behind these.

Birds Eye relaunch range in new packaging.

Improved packaging design to relaunch struggling frozen food range.

Ambius: unlocking the power of scent.

Scent is the gateway to emotion and memory, but how can neuroscience help unlock its secrets?

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