How we do it.

Understanding for you.


omnibus surveys

are relied upon by a pretty broad bunch.

From PR agencies needing to generate content, charities looking to gather public opinion to highlight their cause, media agencies tracking a campaign and marketing folk building better brands, the Walnut

Omnibus survey

team can help give you the answer.

Understand more.

Interested in understanding a specific audience?

Whether it is 16+, UK, a specific region, demographic or target audience, we can help you speak to them. All of our omnibus work comes with a full range of demographics included as standard, for free.

Understanding people.

People aren’t numbers, they’re human. Our omnibus surveys can bring your answers to life with vox-pops – rich video feedback, direct from the public in their words, and recorded via their smartphone.

Want more? We can add in implicit techniques for when people struggle to articulate how they really feel about an issue or a brand, and more importantly draw upon our experience to help you understand what their responses means.

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