How we do it.

Design that stands out.

We help our clients to develop more effective design. We begin with an understanding of how your category is shopped and the brand assets that you own, to help you inform the pack development journey.

We use co-creative workshops and qualitative groups to help your design team create concepts that address real problems, understand how far you can stretch your brand, and improve routes ahead of validation

Finally our tried and tested PACKMASTER approach, available online and face-to-face, quantitatively measures shelf stand out, communication, appeal and purchase behaviour for a final pack validation that gives you the reassurance to launch.

Measure unconscious reactions.

With unconscious playing a major role in our purchase behaviour, It’s not enough for

pack research

just to listen to what people say they do or think.

Shelf tests to measure impact, eye-tracking to see what they see (not what they say they saw), simulated shopping exercises, range navigation tests to aid benefit communication, implicit tests of emotional communication and biometrics to measure frustration with the functionality can all be integrated to understand and measure effectiveness to create winning designs.

Clear framework for assessing design.

We are leaders in working with brands to create sales boosting packaging designs.

With over 25 years of

packaging research experience

, global normative data to guide pack optimisation, and learnings from neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics, our packaging insights are the preferred choice of clients across the world who want to use human understanding to change purchase behaviour.

Give us your challenge.

Our cross-category expertise will help you to deliver winning packaging and design for your business. Get in touch to find out more.