Data Science and Analytics.

Mining existing data sources.

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Better understanding of your customers is the key to success.

Analysis of patterns in data can uncover what makes people tick: what drives us to like certain products and services over others; how our underlying attitudes drive our behaviour and the brands that we choose; the value we place on different aspects of a product or service.

Our analytics team are skilled at finding those nuggets of information in data that can help you shape your offer.

Combining data streams.

Increasingly, organisations are combining data sources to gain a valuable level of added insight. We can help you fuse customer surveys with your existing customer database to add dimensions of understanding and make your data work as hard as it can.

And fear not, our in-house Data Protection Officer (DPO) is on-hand to ensure we keep everybody on the right side of GDPR and protect the individuals rights and privacy.

Sales forecast modelling.

No one has a crystal ball, but data might be the next best thing! Our analytics team can help you plan for the future by modelling your historical data alongside readily available financial and economic statistics, providing you with forecasts to help with short term and long term strategy.

Our experts can model sales of your product, demand for your services, or help you understand which customers are most likely to churn.

Give us your challenge.

Got some potentially explosive data you want to harness? Call in our experts to handle it for you.