How we do it.

Not just qualitative research.

No single approach will give us the whole answer, but by blending methods we can gain a more complete picture of human behaviour.

It’s not just about what they say, it’s what they do and how they feel. Whether it’s combining qualitative research with passive measurement, neuroscience, behavioural economics or eye-tracking with surveys, our aim is always the same – to figure out why people feel how they do.

This approach allows us to uncover exciting, new and powerful insights that can sometimes challenge deeply held beliefs and affect change for a business.

Full immersion in the journey/experience.

Before making judgements on a person you should walk a mile in their shoes.

An integral part of our customer journey work is just this. We use insight to unpick each step of the customer journey. We find out what role the unconscious has on your customers and what to do about it. It’s incredibly exhilarating work to bring the customer to life for our clients, in all kinds of sectors, countries and demographics. We walk in the footsteps of a target audience and create an understanding of their world that enables our clients to tap into their emotions and feelings.

Holistic approach to clarifying the mystery.

Emotions underpin our choices, regardless of whether we can articulate them. People can justify their brand decisions with rational reasons such as price, quality or likeability, but we can uncover emotional reactions too and help to explain decision-making to give our clients the leading edge.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the research they commission works for them – it uncovers the thoughts and feelings of their customer, but it also shows them a clear path to what they should do next. We work in partnership and create engaging and fascinating findings for our clients which keeps them talking about our work and its impact.

Give us your challenge.

Need to better understand your customers and how they navigate your brand? Share your challenge and we’ll put our minds to how we can help.