How we do it.

Conscious decisions.

Some of these 35,000 decisions are quick, simple and front-of-mind. For these there are simple and straightforward methods to engage with consumers to understand the path-to-purchase, customer journey, purchase experience and consumption patterns.

Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative, we talk to hundreds of thousands of customers each year about hundreds of different products – could yours be one of them?

Unconscious decisions.

But sometimes decisions are made predominantly at a sub-conscious level, so just asking people what they decided, why they made that decision and how it made them feel might just lead to a blank expression and a shrug of the shoulders.

That’s where implicit techniques to measure true behaviours and emotions come in to play. Eye tracking can tell us where people are really focussing their attention in-store, on-line or on a pack.

Passive measurement can tell us what people actually search for and what they look at on-line across their various devices as they move from search through discovery to purchase.

Then, neuroscience can tell us how they react to both the easy and difficult decisions throughout these processes.

Complex decisions.

And then sometimes the choices we make are so complex and convoluted that simple research surveys (implicit or explicit) just can’t get to the real answers.

But using multiple methods, leveraging the expertise of our analytics team to model these complex behaviours and working closely with client teams to understand how to embed this deep insight into the business can get to the heart of why some people choose you, and others don’t.

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