How we do it.

Successful product innovation.

We have seen some very successful brands launch both within the UK and globally as a result of our concept screening and product research. We’re nutty about helping brands launch with a bang and seeing their sales fly through the roof!

Some of our greatest success stories stem from long term partnerships with our clients. Our knowledge of their category helps guide them as to what is really important, what does and doesn’t work and ultimately enhances their innovation process.

We’re not afraid to challenge our clients and give them tough news if it will save them from investing in the wrong product strategy. Our clients trust us to use our understanding of the product, the people and the category to give them informed insights.

Maintaining growth.

With the excitement of new product development, let’s not forget the increasing pressures on established brands which are challenged by ever changing market forces.

We believe it’s fundamental to look after the existing products in your portfolio as well as chasing the next thing; is your current offer as good as it can possibly be? Do consumers go loopy for your products? Do they still perform better than competitors?

Learning from failure.

How do we do all of this? It will depend on your product, your target market, and of course, timescales within your business.

We will use our expertise to select the right tools for the job, whether it be co-creation workshops, in-home ethnography, product benchmarking, quantitative concept screening and validation, sensory research, optimisation modelling, claims testing or in-home use tests (IHUT).

We’ve been making waves by integrating neuroscience and product profiling to help our clients make the best decisions with their product development strategy. Let us give your brand the edge by really understanding how consumers think and feel.

Give us your challenge.

Idea creation, concept testing, or product testing research. We’d love to help add value to your business and help you create a market changing product!