How we do it.

Stay close to your customer.

By understanding how your customers feel about the experience they have had, we help brands improve their customer journey.

Whether it’s a customer journey map, a customer segmentation or understanding buying behaviour, we help brands know the people behind the numbers.

In The Moment Research.

Wherever possible we like to get out and talk to your customers – understanding them as humans. We also know that with our short memories it gives us the most accurate information about your customer experience… before the customer forgets.

Our approaches aim to get as close to the experience as possible; sometimes this means reflective consideration, others require event-driven feedback close to the experience, some want in-the-moment feedback and then there are our more passive approaches when we collect real-life behaviours.

Embed our insight into your business.

We know that it’s easy for consumer insights to get lost within the mud of data. We work with you to understand how to use insight to create change and improvement.

Examples of how we partner with our clients to achieve this are activation workshops, metric dashboards, video deliverables and models that forecast buying behaviour. If you truly want to give your customers a voice then you need to ensure it is heard throughout your organisation and not just in the boardroom.

Give us your challenge.

Keeping your customer satisfied – it sounds simple, doesn’t it? Contact us to help you make it even easier.