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Sitecore Experience – London

Sitecore Experience – London

Powering marketing through human connections.
A superior customer experience is now crucial to gaining a competitive advantage. And building an emotional bond – a human connection – between consumers and a brand is the key. Sitecore Experience Europe 2020 offers marketing executives the opportunity to hear big ideas and gain new insights into digital transformation trends, the power of storytelling, and how your brand can win a bigger share of voice, while making your business digital-first.

Dr. Cristina de Balanzo of Walnut Unlimited will share a talk on connecting with customers through neuroscience. At our core, human beings are not logical, but emotional – especially when it comes to brands. Emotion is a crucial component in building strong relationships between brands and people – however, building brands for the unconscious is still a challenge. To measure emotions effectively, marketers, communications specialists, brand builders, and insights teams need to equip themselves with the latest evidence from neuroscience research. Cristina will share key human insights from across different brands and categories, translating the science into actionable insights and takeaways your brand can leverage to get closer to your customers.

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