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MRS Sustainability Summit 2020

MRS Sustainability Summit 2020

Inspiring action to deliver attitudinal, behavioural and systems change.
Over the past year climate action and activism has helped thrust environmental issues into the forefront of people’s consciousness. Businesses and consumers are finally recognising the world faces a climate emergency and action needs to be stepped up. The coronavirus pandemic has further reinforced how different the planet can be when peoples’ behaviour changes. So, as we rebuild our economies and lives, MRS will explore how the insight industry is supporting businesses and individuals to make lasting changes.

Lyn McGregor and Andreea Tarasescu will join our client, IGD, in a talk entitled: Shifting consumers towards healthy sustainable diets. There is overwhelming evidence that current diets are impacting the planet and diets must change in order to sustainably feed a global population. The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) partnered with Walnut to discover how to change this human behaviour. By applying behavioural science frameworks and a blended methodology approach, Walnut could better understand the subconscious drivers of consumer behavior and provide recommendations based on science and consumer insight. This has led to actionable next steps for the food industry to encourage behavioural change and target consumers at different stages of change.

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