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MRS &More Virtual Conference 2020

MRS &More Virtual Conference 2020

Last year, &more hosted the first MRS conference created purely for young research talent, with a talk from the Walnut and ICM Unlimited team. This sell-out event returns in 2020, in a virtual format, to initiate discussion, exchange ideas and provide a platform for young professionals and once again the young talent from Walnut Unlimited will be representing.

Join Nick Saxby from Walnut Unlimited for a talk entitled Avoiding tokenism: neuroscience and the representation of minority groups in advertising.

The representation of minority groups in advertising can enhance brand image, foster trust and fuel engagement. However, if done poorly, this “representation” may appear tokenistic and negatively impact the brand’s image. Enter: the need for neuroscience comms testing. When conducting research of ads representing minority groups, EEG and GSR measurements can show a negative response when the ad does not follow some key principles. In this talk, Nick will explore these principles, giving the audience an understanding of how to produce effective communications when representing minority groups.

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