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IIeX EU 2020

IIeX EU 2020

The Real-Time Truth of the Formula 1 Fan’s Digital Race Experience
To help F1 better enhance the live race experience for TV fans, they partnered with Walnut Unlimited & Reality Mine to better understand the role of digital channels and content around the race experience. The research used aduel-pronged approach to get closer to what F1 fans were thinking, feeling and doing at key stages around a race:
1. In-home ethnography with eye-tracking to understand the true fan experience as it happens (Germany)
2. Passive metering of fans digital devices during an entire race week to understand true digital behaviours leading up to, during and after a race (USA)

Our presentation will outline not only the rationale & benefits behind these methods but demonstrate how the unique insights they generated are helping F1 to shape the future of their digital content strategy.

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