Welcome to Walnut.

We are more than a research agency. We are Walnut: The human understanding agency.

To really understand people, you’ve got to be a bit nuts about the brain. And we are. Those two hemispheres, connected together to be scientific and creative, systematic and inventive, logical and intuitive.

That’s how we approach our work too.

Unlocking insights with data science and market research.

Working with Realise Unlimited we bring together the "what" and the "why" of customer behaviour, the only way to create clarity.

What do we do
Brand and Comms

As humans, we lack accurate insight into our own thought processes, biases and decisions – that’s why we view understanding brands and communications as not just an art, but also a science. Beyond the capabilities of standardised testing methods, neuroscience techniques tap into a deeper level that people can’t articulate.


Innovating is crucial to the success of anything new. Walnut tests everything from products and packages to websites and branding claims; applying sensory science and behavioural economics wherever possible to provide actionable insight before, during and after a product launch.

Customer Experience

Use insight to uncover the full, extended customer journey. In the many touchpoints your audience can engage with, how is your brand performing in a competitive context? Do you know how your product or service is truly being used by people? We help brands consider every step of the customer journey experience and use human understanding to challenge existing views.


Our sector specialisms

Our team works across many industries, often applying our wider experience from particular sectors to successfully navigate others.

Travel and Leisure
Social and Government
Here’s just a few brands that are putting human understanding at the heart of their research:
Some of our best work.
Some of our best work.
Elevating the Customer Experience with Mood Media

Understanding the impact of the senses and sensory marketing in retail spaces globally.

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