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_Consultants & Brand Growth_

Walnut’s consultants have the global experience, knowledge and academic discipline required to bring a holistic approach to brand growth through identification of actionable insights through neuroscience and consumer decision-making processes. Our role is to use our understanding of the theory and practice of marketing to show how evidence-based creative development can boost sales and reduce costs.

Neuroscience and marketing; together to explain decision-making

Having a better understanding of the process by which shoppers become consumers should drive all the activity that builds towards the sale. A multidimensional approach that integrates information from existing methods and neuroscience, tailored to clients’ needs, will reveal decision-making processes within each brand category.

This is where Walnut provides a new vision on how neuroscience and data are utilised, how to use them with existing methodologies and business processes and how to gain sales, brand growth and competitive advantage. The intention is to offer a wider, multidimensional approach, integrating information to offer dynamic links between the different areas of brand intervention (retail-sales activation, communication, new product development…). The way of working will be specifically tailored to our client needs and issues and it is where our beliefs about the way marketing currently operates will be reconsidered.


Communication Testing_
Tests that take unconscious emotional reactions into account

Emotional reactions are the gatekeeper for further cognitive and behavioural reactions. We believe that measuring them effectively can provide better guidance for optimisation and increase the predictive value beyond that achieved with traditional metrics such as likeability, awareness or recall.

We test all types of communication either at their concept stage (animatics-early stages of creativity), finished ads, billboards or packaging. We combine neuroscience (EEG, GSR, ET) and qualitative research (particularly in-depth interviews) to predict communication effectiveness. We know that the real power comes from the understanding of how our unconscious emotional processes and conscious mind work together. This combined solution will provide actionable insights and effective recommendations for optimising the effectiveness of the materials tested.

The shelf: the last battle

Emotion is an important part of the shopping process that is encapsulated in the idea of the Emotional Packet. Certain brands make shelf space more visually attractive than other brands. We can learn more about how to better exploit other factors beyond the shelf space to increase your brand growth.

We combine different techniques to assess the engagement and effectiveness of in-store materials. We combine neuroscience (EEG, GSR, ET), behavioural tasks and qualitative research mainly to assess our final recommendation and tailor the final research design to client issues. We divided the research into two main stages: central location test and a live test. The first uses three different biometric tools while our respondents are doing some behavioural tasks. In this stage we also use qualitative techniques (in-depth interviews) to analyze the neuroscience results and explore other hypotheses from the client. In the second stage we go to real stores and test the best stimuli repeating the behavioural tasks that they did in central location with mobile Eye Tracking to understand the points of attention. In this way we are able to provide clear recommendations, but also explain why some materials work better than others, providing deep insights for future developments.

Brand Architecture_
Brand Identity: Are you really describing yourself as you are?

Do you want to know what the subconscious associations with the brand/logo are? Are you sure that the category attributes you work with are really differentiating your brand among your competitors? The way to find out is much simpler than you thought: “What fires together, wires together” (Donald Hebb).

Reaction Times (RT), based on the theory behind the Implicit Association Test (IAT), is the tool we employ to understand the brand and its values in consumers’ minds. It measures implicit attitudes and beliefs that people are either unwilling or unable to report. It reveals the subconscious drivers, motives and subconscious brand image assessment that allow the identification of the competitive advantages within the category code. This tool is designed to measure the strength of automatic association between mental representations of objects (concepts) in memory. The RT requires the rapid categorisation of various stimulus objects, such that easier pairings (and faster responses) are interpreted as being more strongly associated in memory than more difficult pairings (slower responses).

New generation of Product Testing_
Because olfaction and taste have memories but hardly any words to describe them

Your brain tells you what flavours you taste, not your mouth or nose. Our olfactory receptors are connected to the emotional centre, the most primitive part of the nonverbal brain. This is why it is important to add these emotional responses to consumers’ declarations.

We combine neuroscience and/or RT techniques to test the sensory (both organoleptic and olfactory) characteristics of products. Traditional product innovation focuses on functional development of the product, linked to a generically appealing sensory profile. However, sensory characteristics evoke powerful emotional responses and memory processes that require going beyond rational declarations and, if effectively harnessed, can support brand growth.

Welcome to Walnut Unlimited: The human understanding agency.

We have created a new agency bringing together all four of the Unlimited Group’s insight agencies (ICM Unlimited, ICM Direct, Marketing Sciences Unlimited and Walnut Unlimited) delivering a new offer which is greater than the sum of its individual parts. At the heart of our new delivery proposition is a single concept – human understanding underpinned with no-nonsense science to generate purposeful insights.

We want to help you better connect with your customers and we believe these human insights deliver brand growth.

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