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The story of us, you and everyone.

We are more than a research agency, we are Walnut: The human understanding agency.

Walnut has come together with one intent: to understand human behaviour at its deepest, and most emotional, level. Socially, economically and neurologically.

To really understand people, you’ve got to be a bit nuts about the brain. And we are. Those two hemispheres, connected together to be scientific and creative, systematic and inventive, logical and intuitive.

That’s how we approach our work too.

How do we do it? By harvesting powerful, purposeful insights from precisely-targeted investigations. By focussing on more than mere research, science or data. We are an agency that thinks creatively as well as analytically on your behalf. Crafting holistic solutions to the many questions around consumer engagement.

We’re here to reinvigorate the customer’s experience with accurate, emotional intelligence. To ensure everything around the brand - its communications, its NPDs and the customer journey - is as meaningful and enticing as possible. We might use neuroscience. We might use behavioural science. But it will be no-nonsense science that gets results. Results with people and not just on papers.

Who we work with

Two heads are better than one. And three often brings out the best.

Some of the people we’ve partnered and consulted with to better understand their customers are:

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Unlocking the power of scent for retailers

What really works

No other human sense is so closely linked to memory and emotion as that of smell. However, in the world of retail the sense of vision dominates – but exactly what is the impact of scenting for retail brands? Working with Ambius Premium Scenting, Walnut worked to uncover the power of scent. Going beyond rational responses of claimed liking, Walnut used neuroscience techniques to understand the unconscious emotional reaction to scented virtual reality experiences. Through this research we were able to show how scent affects the experience and how retailers could use it to enhance their multisensory experience – want to know more, read all about it in our report.

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Working with Walnut has helped us get to the heart of understanding how powerful scenting in retail can be. Not only did this help us create great content for our communications and roadshows, this gave us the scientific evidence we needed to really show the power of scent to our customers.
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Amanda Jackson, Category Manager -
Premium Scenting and Ambius

Upcoming Events

Brainy Bar

London 26th April

Our latest brainy bar on marketing to the senses was a great success. Check back soon for highlights.


Milan 10-11th May

This is an annual event that brings companies, researchers and experts together, to demonstrate the positive effects of the neuro-scientific approach on business by sharing cases histories, find out more here

Our resident neuro expert Andy Myers will be spreaking - see who else is there


London 10th May

Dr. Cristina Balanzo is speaking at lleX Behaviour to better understand, measure, and predict consumer behaviour, the world’s biggest, most successful brands are turning to the behavioural sciences and nonconscious measurement tools – and seeing results. IIeX Behaviour is designed to keep your business one step ahead of the curve

Vita Foods Europe

Geneva 15-17th May

Chris Peach will explaining how human understanding can enhance packaging design.

Vitafoods Europe is the annual event where the global nutraceutical supply chain comes together, exploring important market trends, regulatory complexities, packaging and labelling challenges


London 28th June

Find out what’s important to businesses in 2018 and grow your understanding of the communication preferences, attitudes and requirements of future millennial business leaders.

Our resident Neuro expert will be speaking - find out more here

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